The EOS Ship is About to Sink and Holds the Life Raft

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

  • The EOS network launched after a $4 Billion token sale run by
  • “abandoned” its community and the chain still needs repair 3 years later
  • Since launching in January 2018, has had an exodus of its founders and team, starting with Brock Pierce leaving in March of the same year
  • Co-Founder and CTO of, Dan Larimer, departed the company on the last day of 2020 to “pursue new personal projects”
  • The $1 Billion promised in funding to community EOS projects…

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As the debate around vote buying continues, various members of the EOS community have shared their ideas to strengthen the network’s voting mechanics and enhance the incentive system. In this article, I present a governance overlay to Delegated Proof of Stake called “Proof of Reinvestment” or “PoRE” as an additional idea for the community to consider.

The EOS community remains divided over the use of voter rewards. Those in favor of incentives point to voting as a resource, commodity and aspect of ownership that should be monetizable like other resources…

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Two key concerns surrounding the EOS mainnet are 1) the perceived inequity in Top 21 BP representation due to vote buying and/or trading among registered Block Producers, and 2) as a result, the potential adverse effects of “BP freeloading” and short-termism at the expense of the long-term health of the blockchain.

Incentives are tools to drive behaviors. Currently, EOS’ BP reward system is overwhelmingly short-term in focus, where vote and block rewards may be claimed daily without any coded restrictions on transfer or sale. …

TL;DR — Monetize your voting ability


Voting Valued is an experiment. I’m not sure how it will be received, or whether it will be successful, particularly in this market. However, I find its design to be extremely intriguing and I’m curious whether it can unlock value for all key stakeholders in the EOS community, including tokenholders, EOS Block Producers (BPs) and proxy managers. What’s more, I believe it could be structured in a way that does not violate any aspect of the current Constitution, creates greater alignment of incentives between EOS voters and BPs, and supports a healthier EOS mainnet overall.

Subject to feedback from the…

A Counter-Incentive to Combat Corruption

“Incentives guide behavior. They don’t make you work harder; but they do make you work smarter.”— Compensation Consultants everywhere

While the discussion around alleged EOS Block Producer (BP) collusion rages on, and we consider potential “fixes” to address these issues, I’ve also been thinking about simpler measures which could help counterbalance the very real risks that bad actors pose to the EOS network in the short-term. In particular, I’ve been focusing on measures that would be relatively straightforward to implement and which could be enacted relatively quickly.

This article presents and discusses an EOS whistleblower program which, for ease of…

A Closer Look at this EOS Sister Chain


Several readers of my last article, in which I presented some concerns I have about the EOS Block Producer (BP) election process, responded with comments about the Telos Blockchain Network (Telos) and the steps that this EOSIO software fork is taking to address issues related to BP elections, among others.

With its first go/no-go launch vote scheduled for the end of this week, I’ve decided to take a closer look at Telos and summarize for tokenholders how and why Telos is different, and discuss the potential impact for the EOS and Telos communities. Please note that the rationale for Telos’…


Over the last few days, I’ve become increasingly concerned by the distribution and characteristics of the Top 21 EOS Block Producers (BPs). So many excellent BPs which, by almost all accounts, add tremendous value to the EOS community are currently being squeezed outside of the Top 21. At the same time, BPs that lack basic governance disclosures, have added less in terms of value-add tools for the community, or who have only formally announced their candidacy within the last two weeks, are experiencing incredible voting support and have a place among the Top 21.

What is going on? It’s a…

Also Introducing, a Comprehensive EOS Block Producer Ratings Platform


Presented in this article are the updated scores for 50 of the most well-known EOS Block Producers (BPs) based on a governance and value-add scoring system that I developed. The majority of these 50 BPs currently make up the Top 50 BPs by number of votes, although some rotation has occurred. The top 10 highest scoring BPs per my methodology are:

1. eosdacserver (237 points)

2. eoscanadacom (234 points)

3. eosnewyorkio (223 points)

4. eosnationftw (220 points)

5. eosauthority (219 points)

6. eosriobrazil (213 points)

7. eosswedenorg (200 points)

8. cypherglasss (200 points)

9. eosasia11111 (197 points)

10. teamgreymass (188…


Using a ranking methodology that I developed, I have scored each of the Top 21 EOS Block Producers across 4 key community and governance pillars: (1) Voter Concentration, (2) Disclosure & Accessibility, (3) Structure & Leadership, and (4) Value-Add Offerings. The intent of this analysis is to provide tokenholders with an additional resource to make informed decisions when voting for community-focused Block Producers.

Out of the Top 21 (as of 8/21/2018), the top 3 ranked BPs per my methodology are:

1. eoscanadacom (score 185)

2. eosauthority (score 180.5)

3. eosnewyorkio (score 174)

The bottom 3 BPs are:

1. eoshuobipool…


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